Are You Thinking…

Do you know that thinking right is very important for speaking right in order to rightly act your way to success?

The thing is, when you begin to think, speak and act accurately, your life will be set on the track that leads to life satisfaction. Living the life of your choosing.

How we think directly affect our communication skills, which in turn affect how or whether we take action at all.

Most of my childhood years were raised in Haiti without a mom or a dad. I had to live with family members and friends of the family while my mom was in the U.S., while I did not know my father until I was about twelve years old.

Living in that condition as a child came with a price. There were many occasions when I was treated harshly and do without basic needs at times.

My Younger Self
My Younger Self

As you can imagine, that planted and built in me a low self-esteem mentality. For that reason, as I grow up and become an adult – in spite of my talents and abilities – I’ve often felt I was lower in stature than my peers.

Due to that kind of upbringing, I got to experience  cigarette smoking, alcohol drinking, and sexual intercourse at a very young age.

After vainly living the first half of my life in promiscuity, wild parties, drinking and smoking, I’ve had a great spiritual encounter in the Fall of 1992 that began to transform my thinking and the way that I perceived myself.

Since that time I’ve become passionate about reading. I began to read the Bible day and night. I read all sorts of positive and faith-filled books. Ever since then, I’ve been on a quest of self-awareness and development to a fulfilled life.

Thinking the right thoughts, speaking the right words, and taking the right and timely actions will bring you great fulfillment.

The same way I discover the power of words – good or bad – I desire that you would make the same discovery as well. That you will acquire the abundant life that is rightly yours by accurate thinking, speaking, and taking the right action steps toward success and ethical prosperity.

As I’ve heard it said many times. “I’m not where I ought to be, but I’m not where I used to be.”

Transforming one’s life is a lifelong effort. The key to elevation is to begin feeding your mind with new set of power words that will bring about new set of positive attitudes everyday of your life.

Begin to think your new life into reality!

King Solomon declares, “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7-b).

You can only become what you constantly think about.

Someone said, “You are the creator of your reality.” It’s more real than one might think. qtq80-un5Gsm

I read an article by Amy Morin, who is a licensed clinical social worker, college psychology instructor, and psychotherapist, where she explains that “The way you think about yourself turns into your reality. If you draw inaccurate conclusions about who you are and what you’re capable of doing, you’ll limit your potential. Your thoughts are a catalyst for self perpetuating cycles. What you think directly influences how you feel and how you behave. so if you think you’re a failure, you’ll feel like a failure. Then, you’ll act like a failure, which reinforces your belief that you must be a failure.”

While your thinking that affects your speaking is widely influenced by the power of words.

In his letter to the Christians in Rome, the Apostle Paul assures them that, “Faith comes by hearing the word of God” (10:17).

In other words, the words you are listening to regularly are like seeds, that are being germinated in your mind, and that will eventually bare fruits accordingly.

Similarly to the saying, “As a man thinks, so is he”, is the same with what a person continually listens to will certainly govern his thinking. So then, we can accurately say that the catalyst for your thinking is what you are hearing. Words -good or bad.

I would encourage you then to make a firm decision today and determine to start thinking proper and accurate thoughts!

To do that yoimg_1772u will have to feed yourself daily with the inspiring words from the Bible and from positive writers and motivational speakers.

From the time of my spiritual encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ my eyes opened to the reality that I am “the creator of my reality” by my thoughts, my words and actions.
Since then, I began to fight back to eradicate inferiority complex from my life and from everyone that will give me an opportunity to speak into their life.

To maintain my growth and motivation, I constantly seek positive and inspiring literature to read or audio to listen to. (Click for resource).

Now I welcome you to take this self-development and positive spiritual journey with me, as you will find inspiring articles, blogs, quotes, testimonies, and various life-enhancing goodies on this site for the elevation of your mind to higher heights in becoming the real YOU.

At your service for your enduring prosperity,

Roland (BroRo) St. Gerard

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