Celebrating 12 Years!

Seeking peace for your city? Hurricane Devastation in Haiti? Be inspired!

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Eradicating Poverty!

Learn how to receive your healing. Start a revival fire. Claim your victory of Poverty!

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The New Lead Pastor

New lead pastor at Bethel of Miami Gardens.  Passing the mantle. Twins born after abortion attempt.

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Reaching the Haitian Christian Community

Whether through the pages of the physical magazine, the website or via radio or television show, we're able to connect you to the Haitian-American community.


MCE Magazine is your gateway to the Christian Haitian community of South Florida and beyond.

Youth Conferences

We help Christian youth eradicate doubts about identity, purpose, and faith; so they can abstain from drugs, promiscuity, and inferiority complex and crime to positively fulfill their destiny.

Youth Leaders Connection

We connect with Youth Leaders on a weekly basis by phone or email, and social media. We connect quarterly via networking events to sharpen one another and share innovative ideas for better ministry effectiveness.